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Night Vision Devices
Rifle Aiming Devices
Digital Compass
Soldier Tracking system
Disorientation Simulators
High End Software
Digital Harness Systems for AFVs
Hand Held TI Sight
Day Sight for Rifles
Spotter Scope
Disorientation Simulators

Creates Mission Stress, Pilot workload and Spatial Disorientation
Multi-Axis Motion Platform
Cabin with Generic Cockpit
High Resolution Displays
Audio and Video Comns
Sound Systems
Medical Monitoring
Safety Devices
Centrifuge Simulators
Exposes Piolets to High - G Forces
30 or 60Basic Spatial Disorientation Demo
Medical Monitoring
Material and Eqpt. Testing
Gondola: Two Gimbals for Roll and Pitch
Generic Ejection Seat
Safety Devices