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manufacturing facility

Work area Indira nagar: 32000sq ft. Production center : 200,000 sq ft.

Experienced personnel in Production Control Department with the knowledge of latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) techniques.
State of the art CAD / CAE packages like Pro/E, Solidworks, ANSYS, installed on hi-end machines.

Qualified and experienced engineers in the Engineering Department with CAD/CAE/CAM knowledge.

Experienced engineers and technicians with requisite skills in optical assembly and testing.

Indigenous Rifle Mounted Day/ Night Sights

Class 100 dust free environment for precision optical assembly, using laminar workstations.

Collimator and other modern test facilities.

QA facility with the state of the art vibration machine and environmental chamber.

Inward goods stores, inward goods inspection and stores to ensure high quality Standards.

CNC Machines
Microwave Components & Sub-Assemblies
Optical Components
MIL-Grade Shelters